Kubigems is a simple game that combines the best features of all kinds of logical and clicking games with diamonds. Your task is to draw diamonds of the same kind into groups – the bigger the group, the higher your score. And watch out – there’s a time limit! Kubigems is a great quick-fix, but it can also keep you entertained for hours.

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•3 difficulty levels, each requires a different strategy
•Controls are optimised for touch-screens and tablets, but the game plays great with a mouse too
•Randomly generated diamonds for infinite replay potential


…but much more:


•The game gets faster and more obstacles are added over time – beat the black stones to get more points!
•It’s easy to just pick-up and play, but a short tutorial is included too
•Top 20 scores are saved – challenge your friends! Multiple players can play on the same computer
•Elegant and simple graphics and sounds 


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Kubigems is available for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8  in these languages: english, česky.